Monday, 26 May 2014

Building a Lion Rampant army with 28mm Fireforge Games plastics

If you're thinking of collecting a new army for Lion Rampant, there's a superb choice of manufacturers making good quality medieval models in 28mm, 20mm, and 15mm. You might already have your favourites, or even better, you already have enough painted models to field an army without any further effort (hooray!). But if not, here's a nice way to start a 28mm collection off at a pretty low cost.

Using Fireforge Games plastic models, you can build a western European (or Crusader/Teutonic) army from the mid-12th to mid-13th centuries, give or take a bit of armour. I think this is a great way into medieval gaming, as the models can be used for most European armies, and the multi-part models gives you some extra flexibility in terms of the models you build.

You'll need to purchase the following:

• One box of mounted knights (either the Teutonic or Templar set)
• One box of Foot Sergeants (which comes with both spearmen and crossbowmen options)

These two boxes will give you enough models to build a good starter force of 24 army points (which is the normal size army in Lion Rampant):

• 2 units of Mounted Men-at Arms (6 models in each)
• 2 units of Foot Serjeants (12 models in each)
• 1 unit of Crossbowmen (12 models)

This gives you a nicely balanced army, and you'll also have enough models left over to build an extra unit of Foot Serjeants, Fierce Foot (give them swords and axes rather than spears), or Crossbowmen. All of these cost the same as your other foot units so you could swap them around a bit.

If you choose to purchase the Fireforge Mounted Sergeants rather than the knights, you could field a larger army, albeit without the hitting power of the Men-at-Arms:

• 2 units of Mounted Serjeants (6 models in each)
• 2 units of Foot Serjeants(12 models in each)
 2 units of Crossbowmen (12 models in each) 

Once again, any of those foot units could be swapped out as above. Lion Rampant offers a lot of choices to players when raising an army, so this is just one way to get started ... at current prices, those two boxes should cost you around £40 (or around £50 by the time you’ve purchased Lion Rampant).