Friday, 30 May 2014

Building a Lion Rampant army with 28mm Perry Miniatures plastics

A few days ago I posted about raising an army for Lion Rampant from two boxes of Fireforge 28mm plastic models. I thought I’d do the same again, this time shifting forward a couple of centuries by using 28mm plastic models from Perry Miniatures. Two boxes of their models – which will set you back somewhere in the region of £40 – gives you more than enough models to make a Later English force from: in Lion Rampant terms, this covers the Hundred Years War and the Wars of the Roses (for which the Perry models are designed).

You’ll need to buy:

• 1 box of Bills & Bows (WR1)
• 1 box of Mounted Men-at-Arms (WR40)

From this, you can put the following list together with some spares left over (including another full unit of Mounted Men-at-Arms):

• 1 Mounted Men-at-Arms (6 models)
• 2 Expert Archers (12 models in each) 
• 1 Expert Foot Serjeants (12 models with bills) 

The Mounted Men-at-Arms could be replaced with a unit of 6 Foot Men-at-Arms, which Perry Miniatures should be releasing fairly soon. Overall that’s 43 models, which isn't too many to paint. 

The Later English are one of the smaller armies in Lion Rampant, making them a little fragile for morale but packing a pretty heavy punch. There are plenty of other variations to add from the other boxes of plastic models from the Perry Miniatures range, especially if you’re building European armies without the significant longbow presence of the English. 

By the way, if you’re wondering why I’ve stuck to plastic models rather than metal ones, there’s just too much choice in metal and the boxes of plastics seem fairly easily available from all sorts of sources. As it happens, most of my own models are 28mm metal Crusader and Curtey’s, and very good they are too!