Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Lion Rampant: Sequence of play

Each game turn follows the same basic pattern; this works for games with just two players or a larger group. Players take it in turns to command their own Retinues, and when it’s your turn you work through it in this order:

1)  Challenge an enemy Leader that’s close enough to your own Leader to do battle … losing your Leader has a suitably bad effect on your Retinue, as does refusing a challenge.

2) Try to rally any of your Battered units.

3) Test to see if any of your impetuous units must make an Wild Charge at nearby enemies, whether you want them to or not. Combat is fought immediately.

4) Activate your other units, testing and then carrying out one action per unit until you fail a test, which ends your turn.

If any of your units hadn’t been activated before your turn ends, they just stand around not knowing what to do: success comes from working out your priorities each turn and having the right units in the right place to carry them out.