Saturday, 23 August 2014

Lion Rampant in Wargames Illustrated 323 … and in Australia

First of all, thanks for some of the nice messages I've received about dealing with those "real life" challenges that have kept me away from writing. There are some lovely people out there.

But onto the stuff that you really want to know about...

Wargames Illustrated 323 includes an article I've written about Lion Rampant: how the game came about, a brief overview, that sort of thing. There are some nice photos of Editor Dan's growing retinue, too, and a write up of a test game he played. He wants to play again … that's good!

Elsewhere, it seems that Lion Rampant has published earlier than anticipated in Australia, meaning that a few online reviews are starting to appear. Here's the first one I've been pointed to: The Gamer's Table. I have no idea why the book has published so quickly over there. First they beat us at rugby, then cricket, and now they get their rulebooks sooner ;-)

Less fortunate countries should see the book publishing around 20 September.