Friday, 12 September 2014

Party poppers, balloons, cheese straws, and some confetti

Yes, I’m celebrating.

Many thanks to those kindly souls who rated Song of Arthur and Merlin over at Boardgamegeek; it’s now hit the magic thirty ratings mark, giving it a games rating in the lowly thousands. Recognition at last (even if I had to beg for it!).

Coinciding with this, I’ve hit another milestone: 100,000 views of this blog. So thanks for that too. And – even more good news in my tiny little world – the official publication of Lion Rampant occurs on 20 September.

But I’m not one for Oscar speeches, so onto the good bit: competition time.

To celebrate these three events I’m going to give away the following to one lucky winner:

1. A brand spanking new copy of Lion Rampant

2. A not so brand new but equally spanking copy of Dux Bellorum

3. A handful of Lion Rampant promo roster sheets displaying the lovely cover on the front and blank retinue rosters on the back

If you’re interested in getting your mitts on these, all you need to do is tell me what your favourite heraldic animal is in the comments box. There’s no right or wrong answer, I just like knowing this stuff. If you want to add an explanation, I’m all ears for that too.

On or shortly after 20 September I will close the comments and randomly choose a winner. Check back here after that date to find out if it’s you.

Oh, and only one answer per person please (I will be checking the winner…).