Sunday, 7 September 2014

Song of Arthur and Merlin on Boardgamegeek

A little while ago, I was encouraging gamers to head over to Boardgamegeek to rate a few of my games: honest ratings, good or bad. You can find out why here.

Song of Arthur and Merlin is now on 28 votes … if at least two more kindly souls can rate the game, to hit the magical 30 votes mark needed to give the game a ranking in BGG world, I will run a new competition of some kind on this very blog. A ranking means very little in real terms, but it's a little personal target for all of my games.

While you're there, it would be great if you spend some time rating any other games you've played (miniature, board, or card); when ratings start to build, it gives all other BGG users a much better idea of the community's overall consensus. 

And while I'm mentioning Song of Arthur and Merlin, if you've not checked out the scenario vignettes I wrote some time ago, have a butcher's here