Sunday, 12 October 2014

Glutter of Ravens in One-Hour Wargames book

Flicking through my newly purchased copy of Neil Thomas' One-Hour Wargames book, my eyes almost Wylie Coyote'd out of my head when I saw Glutter of Ravens nestled into the Background Reading chapter, alongside such luminaries as Grant, Featherstone, Bath, Barker, and Hyde. Wow.

Neil Thomas had previously mentioned GoR in his Ancient & Medieval Wargaming book, but it gets a fuller write up here, alongside a name check for Dux Bellorum (which evolved from my earlier rules).

A very interesting book - plenty of scenarios to adapt to your chosen rules and well worth a look (the rules themselves will be loved or hated depending on the sort of game you enjoy).

And if you'd like a copy of GoR, follow the link over to the right, taking you to Outpost's website. Cheers.