Thursday, 23 October 2014

Lion Rampant: nice dice

To celebrate the publication of Lion Rampant, I decided to get a batch of personalised dice made for the game.

To make it worthwhile, I made a few extra sets and am offering them up for sale:

* They come as a set of 12 dice (the number you need for the game)
* They're 16mm red dice with laser engraving in white
* They're numbered 1-5 and the 6 is replaced with a lion rampant
* I'll include a couple of unit roster sheets with each set

You don't need them to play the game, of course, but I think they look pretty cool. I'd like to make promises about how they'll help you win games, etc, but I think that's going above and beyond any reasonable sales patter!

UPDATE: To make things easier for buyers and for me, I've decided just to sell the dice via eBay: their new shipping means that the dice can be easily despatched overseas as well as in the UK. Click on this link to buy, or search on ebay for Lion Rampant wargame dice set

If you run into problems finding or ordering them, drop me a line at the email address over to the right.