Friday, 14 November 2014

Building a 28mm Lion Rampant English retinue from Perry's plastic Agincourt box

Like pretty much every other medieval gamer I know, I was excited to see an update from Perry Miniatures about their Agincourt English army in 28mm plastic.

As the advert shows, these are due out before Christmas, so fingers crossed about what Santa may be dropping down my chimney. (Not that I have a chimney.)

Even more fortuitously, I've realised that the contents of one box will make a 24 point Lion Rampant retinue … the 36 models included are 24 archers and 12 men-at-arms, which means you can field an army consisting of:

2 Foot Men-at-Arms* @ 12 points
2 Expert Archers @ 12 points

It's a small, hard-hitting but very fragile retinue which should lead to some gory, fast games.

Assuming that the box will sell at the same price as the other Perry sets, you're looking at a Lion Rampant retinue for £20 and only 36 models to paint. What's not to like about that?