Thursday, 6 November 2014

Crusader Miniatures Lion Rampant retinue deal

North Star are offering a special deal on a Lion Rampant starter retinue, based on genial owner Nick Eyre's own LR retinue. Currently priced at £50, you can buy it here.

I like Crusader Miniatures' medieval models a lot; they make up the majority of my own thirteenth century retinues. (Although I have a lot of Fireforge models made up but not yet painted…)

Here's the contents of the set:

LRDeal - Lion Rampant The Army Deal 1:
1 Mounted Knight Unit (6 Figures)
1 Mounted Knight Unit (6 figures)
1 Foot Knight Unit (6 figures)
1 Crossbow Unit (12 figures)
1 Bidower Unit (6 figures)