Monday, 29 December 2014

Finished! Fireforge Mounted Men-at-Arms for Lion Rampant

I finally finished them! They just scraped into 2014 rather than pushing into yet another year; phew. I'll never win a painting or modelling competition, but I enjoyed getting these chaps finished and ready for a game.

Having an extra unit of Men-at-Arms adds a bit more flexibility to a couple of my existing Retinues.

Apart from for specific character models, I just use generic heraldic colours and transfers rather than recreating individually named knights. I also try to theme each Retinue by colour (let's face it, these armoured knights can all look the same can't they?!?), but I'm not convinced my blue/yellow Retinue will ever get finished. I finish my medievals in a gloss varnish as it just looks better to me for this colourful period of warfare - I'm not a realistic or gritty painter, so a neat but obviously toy soldier finish works for me. Transfers are VVV.

Next up is finishing Richard the Lionheart, and then onto either Warlord plastic Zulus or the Perry Miniatures' Agincourt English box (one box of which gives you a full 24 point Lion Rampant Retinue as explained here).