Friday, 26 December 2014

My most played games of 2014

It's been an odd year for gaming round my way. A lot of time was spent on the development of games for publication (especially Lion Rampant, but also a couple of 'secret' projects), and for a variety of reasons I've had less time available for playing games in this year. 

But never mind, for here I present my list of the games I've played the most this year.

In no particular order:

Carcassonne: Carcassonne returned to its position as most played game this year. It's the game I'd recommend as an introduction to boardgames for any newcomer, and there are few people I've played with who don't enjoy it or get it.

Lion Rampant: My own medieval miniatures game, which published in September but I'd been working on it in earnest since 2012. Still enjoying playing it though, which is great!

C&C Napoleonics: Now, I am a fan of the C&C games, and this year, we've been working our way through the Peninsular campaign. I'm less interested in the 100 Days Campaign battles, but may have a crack at them in 2015.

C&C Napoleonic Russian Army: For some unknown reason, the Napoleonic Russian army is my nation of choice. So once the stickers were in place on those lovely green blocks, we've steadily progressed with this expansion. The Russians play in an admirably different way to the British and French.

Dixit: A lovely word association/imagination game. Throughly recommended as a great family game - the playing pieces are rabbits and you won't find a more family-oriented meeple than that! I've seen Dixit in Waterstone's (the bookshop) too, making it nicely accessible to new players.

Survive: Escape from Atlantis: Still simple to get the hang of but difficult to find a winning strategy for. Very popular with some of my chums, so I'm always pleased to play.

Camel Cup: Rather like Survive, this is a game with decent replayability and none too difficult rules to master. And it uses camel meeples, too, which helps any game along.

Wings of Glory (Wings of War as was): I've fully switched over from the cards to the models now. Acquiring some Sopwith Triplanes - my favourite First World War aircraft - saw me keen to get this back on the table. Unusually for me, it's also a game that I'll often win, so I think I must be lucky with the damage cards!

Song of Blades and Heroes: Snuck in a few medieval battles with my Lion Rampant armies, plus a few games of Song of Arthur and Merlin to give my Lord of the Rings/Arthurian models a couple of run outs. This just pipped Saga in terms of second most played miniatures game in 2014.

Citadels: Nice card game where you take different, secret roles each turn in a bid to control the eponymous citadel. Once again, fairly easy to learn but interesting to play.

In the pipeline for 2015, newly arrived with me over the festive period or hotly anticipated, I am looking forward to playing:

The new Battle of the Five Armies (based on War of the Ring)

Albion's Legacy (a Kickstarter game that I'm hoping will arrive soon and handle Arthurian legend in a suitably entertaining fashion)

And finally, one of the new projects I'm currently working on. More about that later this year, but there will be a lot of intensive playing on my part - and for a few 'lucky' (?) helpers around the world.

Feel free to post your own recommendations or most played games in the comments box...