Saturday, 13 December 2014

Richard the Lionheart

Another of my 'in progress' projects! I found one of the Salute 2003 (?) Copplestone-sculpted Richard the Lionheart models on eBay, and am going to use it as a leader for Lion Rampant and Saga, and probably Song of Blades and Heroes too.

Whether I paint it as Richard or some other notable (possibly a knight who spent a little more time in England than Richard, which isn't hard!) remains to be seen.

I won't be keeping the Crusader style appearance the former owner gave it.

So far, the plan is to use:

The model
A 40mm base
A rocky outcrop built from two discarded bits of Stonehenge (!)
Some battlefield litter from Fireforge leftovers.

Let's see where this goes...