Friday, 2 January 2015

Say hello to … Richard … erm … Edward … erm … Henry

I finished the 'Richard the Lionheart' model over the festive period. As previously noted, this is a Mark Copplestone sculpt that was the souvenir model from the Salute show in 2003; I wasn't there, but found this chap on eBay.

I don't usually use 'real' heraldry for my medieval models; I'm not good enough to paint it well, and don't want to feel limited to using a model to represent one particular person/nation (not that I would have to, but y'know, if you've gone to the effort to get it right…). I do make the occasional exception for leader models however, and as this was sold as Richard I, I thought I might as well paint him as such.

Royal heraldry being what it is, I'll also be telling people that this is Henry III and Edward I when it suits me to :-)

I spent more time than usual on this model, building up successive coats of ink wash to make the red as intense as possible. I'm pleased with the outcome. The base is a 40mm one, using some plastic rocks (washed with browns and greens then highlighted), and the battlefield debris comes from a spare Fireforge sprue.

As ever, no prizes would be won with this model but he looks rather swish on the table (and stands about as tall as a mounted model). I'm pleased with him - it was nice to take the time on this project to get the finish I hoped for.