Monday, 12 January 2015

The Islesmen are coming! 28mm Claymore Castings painted by Glenbrook Games

For reasons no longer remembered inside my head, I have a bit of a thing for Highland & Isles wargame armies. Maybe it's the big duvets they walk around in, or the axes, or the lack of shoes. Like I say, I no longer remember.

Anyhow, I was very excited when Claymore Castings released a range of very nicely sculpted Islesmen a while back, and had intended collecting just a few for a Song of Blades and Heroes warband. Just a few, you hear?

Of course, what actually happened was that Claymore Castings recently released a Lion Rampant Islesmen retinue, so I could hardly say no after having held off of buying them for so long. As with my other most prized retinues, I sent these models off to Matt at Glenbrook Games to paint for me. They arrived this weekend and I was as impressed as I always am with his work. If you're thinking of getting some of your models painted by someone else, do check out Matt as he's a top chap. And it feels a real luxury to have your completed models turn up in the post!

The photos were taken by Matt, and I'll try to post some more photos when they've played (lost) their first game.

The Retinue is:

2 x Foot Men-at-Arms
2 x Fierce Foot
1 x Archers

I expect games to be brief and brutal with so many Fierce Foot.

I will also use them in SBH, and I'm mulling over whether I can squeeze them into Saga as a Norse-Gael warband.