Wednesday, 18 February 2015

I spy Islemen eyes

I found some lovely little pewter models of the mounted Lewis Chessmen. It's taken me a while to get the first brace painted, but here they are.

I decided to go with a bit of a cartoon look, to match how I like to imagine the originals could have been finished if they were painted. Especially the eyes.

I have six of these little chaps, and intend using them as a Song of Blades and Heroes / Song of Arthur and Merlin mounted warband, using either the Pictish or Cymric British lists from SAM. They could be handy for Song of Rooks and Pawn also, we shall see.

Size-wise, they're approximately 25-30mm tall, so neither 15mm fish nor 28mm fowl. But in the world of SBH, I can live with that. As a size reference, they're mounted on 25mm round bases.