Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Lion Rampant: Osprey's third best selling wargame title of 2014

According to Osprey in this post, Lion Rampant was their third highest selling wargame title of 2014.

I'm chuffed about that, partly because the two books that did better are Bolt Action ones (which will always have a bigger draw and bigger market than anything that little old me does), and partly because Lion Rampant only published in September, so my sales were in the final quarter of the year only.

So thanks very much if you've purchased a copy or spread good tidings about the rules online.

I've been pretty taken aback with how well the rules seem to have been received (in general - there are always a few people who shout loudly about not liking them or that they're not historical enough … despite my best efforts to make sure that potential purchasers knew what they would be buying into), and it's really nice to know that I've done something that's given a few people some laughs and a few hours away from 'the real world'.