Sunday, 8 February 2015

With Hakkebutt and Dagg: Border Reiver Rules

Back on 4 November 2012, I posted the following:

"Way back ... sometime around 2000 ... I discussed the potential for a Border Reivers game with a well-known miniatures company. We got as far as playtesting, but then the project drifted. To this day, it sits in my archive and will likely never see the light of day (I'm not going to release it at the moment, as I wouldn't have time to support it and it requires work to bring up to standard I would be happy with these days).

But maybe one day …"

Well, today's that day. 

Although the rules will be unsupported (I've not played them in years and don't intend to start redeveloping them or revisiting them in detail), I thought it would be nicer to share them than leave them. So you can grab yourself a copy of the pdf here: