Wednesday, 29 April 2015

WSS 78: Bumper Lion Rampant issue!

Finally added the correct cover - whoops!
Nothing by me in this issue - sighs of relief all round I suspect - but this is a pretty essential issue to pick up if you're interested in the HYW, and comes with several articles written for or mentioning Lion Rampant:

Mark Backhouse: Plantagenet Versus Valois
Mark Backhouse and James Oram: Avenging Bretonside (has some nice rule tweaks for the scenario)
Michael Leck: Warrior Queen of Kalmar
Matt Moran: Chevauchee
David Imrie and Andrew Taylor: The Red Harlaw (includes Mobile Schiltron rule)

A superb guide to available models for the HYW
A mention of Lion Rampant in the Dicing With Dai cartoon (I don't think I've had a mention in a cartoon before!)
Online article: The Road to Calais, a Lion Rampant campaign by editor Guy Bowers (read it here)

Phew! I think you'll agree this is an issue to purchase if you're a Lion Rampant gamer… I don't think I've ever seen so many articles about one rules set in a non-house magazine before. I feel rather flattered and a bit bashful when considering non-LR players who buy this issue.