Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Lion Rampant at Salute 2015: Courtesy of Michael and Matt

Two Officially Top Chaps put on Lion Rampant games at Salute a couple of weeks back. I was abroad when the show was on, which sadly means that I witnessed neither 'in the flesh/metal/plastic/resin', but you can join me in getting a feel for both games by checking out their blog entries:

CHUM MICHAEL continued to educate me about medieval Sweden with his game: Stockholm 1392

CHUM MATT had a hunch that a Richard III-themed game would go down well this year: A Ruckus at Redemore

Brilliant stuff from both chaps and those other kind souls who put the games together.

(The one bonus of missing Salute is that I still have some spending money for the coming year!)