Saturday, 15 August 2015

Dragon Rampant: Building Your Warband

Plenty of people have been asking about the rules for building your Warband in Dragon Rampant.

Alan the Giant Hedgehog is a unit all
by himself; the Greek Scouts remove
casualties as they go. He would usually
cost 4 points as a single unit
Lesser Warbeast. 
I'm not going to go into much detail about points values here as there are so many options, but suffice to say that you can assemble a force based around the points values in Lion Rampant without going too far wrong - I've really tried to keep the core rules and points values the same, and have concentrated on providing additional fantasy elements. 

Skellie spearmen do pretty much the
same as human spearmen, although
they do have a funky Undead rule.
They cost 3 points if Light Foot, 4
points if Heavy Foot.
Warbands (Retinues in Lion Rampant, in case you'd not twigged that) are the standard 24 points, and most ordinary units cost 4 points and good units 6 points; kitting your units out with magical weapons or spells can see costs rise (options cost up to 4 points per unit), but fielding a unit of ogres, a dragon, or what have you isn't going to cost any more than fielding its human equivalent, unless you again choose a lot of extra options.

Over time, I'll be posting some sample Warbands to juice you up.

In the meantime...

To get you off to a good start, here are some pointers for assembling a standard 24 army point Warband:

  • You must field a minimum of 4 units and a maximum of 10 units in your Warband, and of course any combination in between is fine.
  • An individual unit’s cost may not be higher than 10 points or lower than 1 point.
  • Some or all of your units may be Single or Reduced Model Units, fielding fewer models but counting as full Strength. Unlike Lion Rampant, which assumed that all units would begin with 6 or 12 models, Dragon Rampant uses Strength Points. This allows players to field Single or Reduced Model Units and element-based units without additional, complex rules. I'll be posting more about this soon.