Sunday, 2 August 2015

New Pike & Shot rules under way!

A mocked up cover, Swedish style - this
is not final!
Today, we bring you an exciting joint news flash from the desks of the Dalauppror and Merseybooks blogs: we are working together on a new set of rules!

The Pikeman´s Lament is our forthcoming adaptation of the Origins Award-nominated Lion Rampant skirmish rules. Where Lion Rampant focuses on bringing medieval combat to life on the tabletop, The Pikeman´s Lament helps you to refight battles in the Seventeenth Century (broadly 1611-1721, spanning conflicts such as the British Civil Wars, the Thirty Years War, and the Great Northern War).

Written as a collaboration between British Lion Rampant designer Daniel Mersey and Swedish Lion Rampant demonstrator and Pike and Shot gamer Michael Leck, we combine the simplicity of the original medieval rules with the feel of pike and shot warfare.

The core rules remain similar to Lion Rampant, but new troops types and additional special rules provide period flavour. We include plenty of new scenarios and a personality-led campaign system suitable for the period, along with sample army lists to help you get started.

Michael´s involvement means that these rules are so much more than the 'British Civil War with some European afterthought': he approaches the period from a Scandinavian perspective, incorporating visions of the Scanian Wars, Great Northern War, and Thirty Years War. There's also scope for adventuring in the Americas, Africa, and other exotic places. Michael originally approached Daniel with the idea of adapting the rules non-commercially, but with Osprey'enthusiastic backing, The Pikeman´s Lament will be published in book format as part of the Osprey Wargames Series in January 2017 (confession time - I got confused and originally wrote publication in 2016).

The Pikeman´s Lament is a stand alone set of rules retaining the simplicity, feel, and ease of play of Lion Rampant.

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Michael and Daniel