Sunday, 13 September 2015

To The Strongest @ The Other Partizan

I've been meaning to post about this for the past week, but things have been hectic…

A couple of months back I got an invite from the ever pleasant and overly talented James Morris to take part in a game at the last ever Partizan being held at Kelham Hall. The rules of choice were To The Strongest by Simon Miller, which I'd heard of but never played. 

As usual, James and the gang of Irregulars were thinking big, and put on two Dark Ages battle separated by the angle of an L-shpaed table and a couple of hundred years of history. This was symbolised by, among other terrain items, a Roman road that crumbled into disrepair the further it moved from the Late Roman era. Well, that's how I saw it.

I took part in the morning session with several other pleasant gamers, all of whom had the right approach of 'gaming for fun'. In short, the rules are great - I was sold on them very quickly and picked  set up. The game uses a grid - a system I like and tried to use on Glutter of Ravens before the published binned my 'crazy' idea, and push-your-luck card turning system. Most of all, I felt as though I was controlling the right wing of  Pictish army (which I was of course!).

Only a few pics from me, I was too busy taking it all on board.

I recommend you do the same as me and grab a copy now; you can pick yours up here: