Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Wargames Soldiers & Strategy issue 80

I forgot to mention this when the magazine first published, but the current issue of WSS - one of my top mags since Guy Bowers' editorship began - includes two articles of interest to Lion Rampant gamers.

From the magazine's website:

Feature: Michael Leck and Jan K√§rman, "The Victial brothers at Stockholm, 1392 - God's 'friend', the world's enemy". One night in June 1392, screams from tortured prisoners could be heard across Stockholm. around 70 Swedish burghers had been captured by their German neighbours and their henchmen, the Victual Brothers. They were tied up and taken across to K√§pplingeholmen, a small island close to the town. There they were held prisoner in an old wooden building, which was finally set on fire, killing all of them. This was the culmination of a longstanding conflict between the two factions over the control of stockholm.
(This one is a series of four Lion Rampant scenarios written in part by Top Chum Michael, as played at Salute 2015)

Theme: Nathan Ward, "Adapting Lion Rampant for the First Punic War - Eagle rampant in Sicily". The first Punic War lasted 23 years and saw only four pitched battles on land, two in Africa and two in Sicily. at least part of the reason for this was the Roman distaste for ending up wedged between the toes of Punic pachyderms. another reason is that the Romans were also trying to perfect ways of not having their ships converted into submarines by the Carthaginian navy.
(The synopsis doesn't really do this justice - its a conversion of troop types to work for the Punic Wars; great work Nathan!)