Sunday, 13 September 2015

What's in the pipeline?

So, I've had a few people contacting me recently to ask, 'What's going on with X project, because all you post about is Y project."

Y project is usually Dragon Rampant, by the way. That's because it's my next game to be published, so I tend to focus my blog updates on what's coming up sooner rather than later.

As most of you will realise, I am a one-man band, with the notable assistance of plenty of helpful, generous volunteer game testers. Despite the fact that I publish with the likes of Osprey and Ganesha Games, it doesn't mean I am anything more than a one-person, independent game designer (and writer, and editor…). There's no staff at Chateau Mersey (unless you ask my cat, who would tell you that there is one member of his staff - me).

So that's why you only get the basics on my blog!

Just to recap, here is what it STILL coming up, whether I've featured it on the blog recently or not (just because I don't write about it here doesn't mean that it's gone away):
  • DEC 2015: Dragon Rampant, fantasy wargaming for Osprey Publishing
  • APR/MAY 2016: Yet-to-be-announced boardgame, with yet-to-be-announced company
  • AUGUST 2016: The Men Who Would Be Kings, colonial wargaming for Osprey Publishing
  • JAN 2017: The Pikemen's Lament, pike and shot wargaming for Osprey Publishing 
Plus I have four wargaming-related books with looming deadlines that will be out in the next couple of years (plus a whole bunch of material unrelated to gaming), so as you can see I'm pretty busy!