Saturday, 17 October 2015

A free game for my birthday!

Okay, so around this time of the year, I age overnight. I call it my birthday. This year, I thought I'd hit the reverse button, and instead of getting presents from everyone else, I'm offering up a present to readers of this blog. Maybe this will make me a year younger too, who knows…

The original idea for this came from Arjun over at Cor Blog Me. He runs a monthly competition giving away sets of rules he no longer uses, and I won this recently. Instead of 'passing it on' and offering up an old set of rules myself, I've decided to offer up a test draft of one of my newest sets of rules, which very few people have played as yet.

They're called BLAM! BLAM! ARGH! (for now), and they're a Sci Fi shootout game. The idea is to conjure up a comic book style action sequence, and push the GAME way ahead of the WARGAME in my design.

I don't know if or when these will actually publish, but if you'd like me to email you a pdf of the latest draft, sign up to follow my blog if you don't already do so, and send me an email with the subject line 'Happy birthday! BLAM! BLAM! ARGH!' (no need for any other words or explanation...). For any such message I receive dated 18 October in my time zone (UK), I'll send the pdf to you within the next few days. All I ask is that you don't repost the rules online anywhere. After action reports and online discussion are of course absolutely fine.

This is a one-off offer, purely to massage my birthday ego (you know… how many happy birthday emails can I receive?), and to follow on from Arjun's generous competition.

My email address? [now removed and you've missed your chance!]

I'm waiting...