Monday, 19 October 2015

Dragon Rampant flies in

A nice birthday treat for me over the weekend: one advance copy of Dragon Rampant fell through the letter box.

The official publication date is 20 December, but a few copies are flown in ahead of the main ship-based shipment (hence 'shipment'). And as the author I get the little perk of receiving one of them.

It's great to finally have a physical copy of the rules. I'm hoping that the slightly tongue-in-cheek approach to fantasy will appeal to gamers - it's a world away from the bigger, corporate efforts in terms of choosing your armies and using the models you fancy using. I've tried to recapture the entertainment I experienced with early editions of Warhammer, and hopefully others will get that.

I've posted a couple of taster photos here, just to whet your whistle.