Thursday, 8 October 2015

Dragon Rampant: sample Barbarian warband

Some of my, erm, chaps.
I'm throwing open a few warband compositions from my own collection, to give you some idea of how the rules represent different troop types, and to give some idea of the number of models you might need.

Today I bring you fur-clad barbarians (based on Copplestone Castings' excellent range: HERE)...

1 WARLORD (1 model on horse)
Elite Rider @ 6 points

1 UNIT OF WARRIORS (12 models)
Bellicose Foot @ 4 points

1 GIANT (1 model)
Elite Foot @ 6 points

2 UNITS OF WAR BEARS (12 models in total)

Lesser Warbeasts @ 8 points total

I've chosen to represent the giant as Elite Foot rather than anything more fantastical - in game terms, he's hard hitting, good in bad terrain, and pretty mobile (if not especially fast). Seems about right to me - a lot of the fun in Dragon Rampant is figuring out how best to classify your models, or playing them different ways different weeks.