Sunday, 1 November 2015

Plastic and resin Medieval Russians… and Lion Rampant

Fireforge's concept art
Fireforge Games recently announced a new range of Medieval Russians are on the horizon (due for release in mid 2016). This was very exciting for me, as I've been wanting to build a good looking Russian army for many years, but never found the right models for me in 28mm. These look to be just right, and you can check them out and place an early order HERE.

Naturally enough, I'll be building one or two Retinues for Lion Rampant, so I thought I'd share the sample ones from the rulebook in case that's a help to anyone else. Remember, of course, that you may build whatever Retinue you fancy, and don't need to stick to what's shown below, but at least this is a good starting point for a 24 point army.