Tuesday, 17 November 2015

The Men Who Would Be Kings: thinking about starting your army yet?

Still not the actual cover :-)
It seems quite a few people are, as I've had plenty of queries asking for unit sizes and so forth. Well, I know some people like to get started early with their new collections, or working out if their current collection will work with a new set of rules, so here's the info you need to work that out…

Just before I go ahead and write this up, a little reminder that the rules are not out until August 2016, so please be patient for other info about the rules!

Recommended points values

It is possible to play The Men Who Would Be Kings with whatever models you have to hand, but I suggest using the points costs as shown below. 

The standard points value for a Field Force is 24 points. Sample 24 point Field Forces are shown towards the end of the book, but the basic units cost:

  • Regular units: 6 points per unit.
  •  Irregular units: 4 points per unit.
  • Tribal units: 3 points per unit.
  • Crewed weapons: 4 or 6 points per weapon.

I'm sure most colonial players will be able to work out the likely differences between Regular, Irregular, and Tribal, but bear in mind I suggest fielding tribesmen who are good shots (e.g., Pathans) as Irregular infantry rather than Tribal, and reserving the latter for proper spear/sword/shield types.

Forces can be adjusted by upgrading or downgrading some unit abilities as explained in the full rules; however, you cannot keep downgrading a unit to cost less than 2 points, or upgrading above 9 points.

Recommended unit sizes

My suggested unit sizes are as follows, although you can adjust them as you wish (which will impact on points values):
  • Regular and Irregular infantry: 12 models per unit.
  • Regular and Irregular cavalry: 8 models per unit.
  • Tribal infantry: 16 models per unit.
  • Tribal cavalry: 10 models per unit.
  • Crewed weapons: 1 gun plus 4 crew models.
Each unit begins the game with one model representing its Leader.