Thursday, 3 December 2015

Catching up with Dalauppror: a visit to Sweden

Last week I travelled the furthest I ever have to take part in a game: 1,211 miles according to Google.

From the south coast of England to the capital of Sweden, to meet up with my Pikeman's Lament co-author, talented scenario designer and model maker, and all-round Good Egg, Dalauppror (known to some as Michael).

Michael took some great photos of the games we played at his club. What a friendly and accommodating bunch they are: it was great to put a few faces to Blog Names, and I'm already looking forward to another trip as soon as funds allow. We played through a few games, which I will allow Michael to describe in detail. Suffice to say, I did not make the finest King of Sweden, and indeed, at the end of the first battle, Sweden needed a new king as the old one had died!

Aside from the gaming, my time in Stockholm was spent in museums and on tours (and the occasional shop…). I got to see two Vendel helmets and other pre-Viking artefacts that I studied for years and have now finally seen 'in the flesh' in the brilliant archaeology museum (same goes for the Battle of Visby, demonstrated by the skull/teeth/mail coif photo!).

The army museum and medieval museums were well worth the time I spent in them, too. But the highlight for me was a visit to the Vasa, the op-heavy warship that capsized in 1628.  Not only was the ship itself stunning, but the reconstructed faces based on skeletal evidence were eerily life-like, and the museum was one of the best I've visited.

Sweden: get yourself there for games and museums!

Here are a few of my photos, in no particular order…