Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Happy "danniversary"

I realised a few days ago that my upcoming articles in Miniature Wargames with Battlegames 393, and another in Wargames Illustrated 339 - both January 2016 issues - marks the twentieth anniversary of my wargame magazine debut!

Now, that makes me feel very old indeed (I'm 41 but this makes me feel closer to 61… or 81… or, erm… 101?).

January 2016's MWBG magazine sees me writing about Simon Miller's excellent To The Strongest ancients/medievals rules: namely how I've used them with my DBA and Commands & Colors armies rather than for the huge battles I was introduced to the rules with.

January 2016's Wargames Illustrated includes a fantasy Arthurian campaign, coinciding with the publication of my new Dragon Rampant rules. I'm really pleased with this one!

Way back when, January 1996's magazine - Wargames Illustrated 100 - featured my article about warfare in medieval Wales, inspired by my then-current work excavating at a Welsh castle. Interestingly enough, this also featured DBA. I went on to write a few more articles for WI, and have recently started doing the occasional piece for the new, very much more professional editorial team… but perhaps most importantly, the magazine articles begat the commissioning of my Glutter of Ravens Arthurian rules/sourcebook, which begat everything that followed.

Let's hope I'm still in some state of mind to be able to be writing 20 years from now.