Monday, 28 December 2015

New Dragon Rampant special rule: Garden Warrior

I wrote this rule especially for Annie at Bad Squiddo games, to go with her gnome warband (check out her website here). Annie sent me some brilliant photos for the rulebook so it seemed only polite to give a little back.

This is an entirely gnome-specific rule, so if you're any other race, skip along now like a good fellow.

Garden Warrior @ 0 points: Available only to Gnome foot units. The unit gains the Fleet Footed rule, but must always test its Courage when ending a move within 6" of a water feature. A failed test means that the unit immediately becomes Battered.

Battered in this context is slightly different to other units experience of it. The rule mechanism works exactly the same, but instead of representing panic, wavering morale, or warriors legging it, a Garden Warrior unit failing a water-based Courage test sees some of its warriors down weapons, grab a fishing rod, and happily fish from a nearby toadstool until the unit rallies. Those models not fishing are content to push wheelbarrows around, lie back on giant mushrooms smoking pipes, or amusingly expose themselves next to a sign saying 'no bathing'.