Thursday, 10 December 2015

What miniatures games am I playing most often?

I was giving this some thought the other day. I've been through a bit of a thinning of games and books that I own recently, and have been reasonably severe (for a gamer!) in terms of what I've sold off. I'm trying only to keep rules that I think I may play, or ideally already play a lot. And a few that I keep for sentimental reasons (shhh!).

So, I thought about the rules that I still play on a fairly regular basis, and have armies for, and compiled a list as shown below. I've left my own rules off - although some of those I play more than others these days - and I've also left out those games I keep for sentimental reasons. Oh... and my boardgame collection - that's going nowhere!

Here's my list of 'currently used' rules… what's on your list?

  • Blitzkrieg Commander - WW2
  • DBA - Ancients, Dark Ages, Medieval
  • Laserburn - Sci Fi
  • Legends of the Old West - Wild West
  • Saga - Dark Ages
  • Song of Blades and Heroes - Fantasy
Most of the other gaps are filled in by my own rules. Hmmm. So why do I still own so many other sets of rules???