Wednesday, 20 January 2016

A couple of very nice Dragon Rampant AARs

A couple of players over at the Lead Adventure Forum have written up games of Dragon Rampant, including some nice photos:

wulfgar22's AAR, including a nice comic book style
guitarheroandy's AAR, including his usual lovely paintwork

Thanks for the write ups guys, and I'm pleased the rules gave you a bit of fun.

Plenty of other Dragon Rampant stuff is on LAF too, some of it is even positive. Hooray!

Incidentally, I've not had much time to visit forums recently (including the Dux Rampant one - link at the top of this page); I've been REALLY busy with a few new projects.

I do try to help out if I spot a genuine - and politely asked - question about the rules, and will fess up if it highlights an error on my part; I'm less inclined to respond to rudely phrased questions or statements from 'those who know better'. These people clearly don't need my help to not enjoy my game!