Sunday, 24 January 2016

My 2016 projects

Well it seems that people are generally interested in what projects I have on the go. How times change!

2016 sees me continuing my work as a game editor and developer for several other people - I have four new games on the go in January, for example - but it's up to the game designers/publishers when they want to tell you more.

For my own projects here's what's currently on the cards and filling my time:

1. Four - yes FOUR - new books for Pen & Sword. I don't submit the manuscripts until later this year, so I guess they will all be 2017 publications. More news on these at a later date, but suffice to say they are gaming guides rather than rules.

2. The Men Who Would Be Kings (colonial rules for Osprey) are due to publish in September (I thought it was August but Amazon tells me otherwise).

3. My first boxed boardgame is also due for release in the autumn or winter. Once again, more news on that later in the year, but for now I can tell you it's a wargame with miniatures.

4. A second boardgame. This is a more traditional abstract game; currently development and being looked at by a couple of boardgame companies. If this publishes it will achieve my gaming pinnacle and I might well just call it a day there! But if not...

5. Model tank game, can't go wrong! No publisher for this game yet, but when I am confident that the mechanics are working well (or at least better than an A10 in the desert), I will look at moving this forward as either a boardgame or miniatures game. Also looking at a low-level infantry skirmish expansion.

6. Crawling along are a simple set of fantasy/ancient skirmish rules for a small number of models. I'm working on this as I want to be able to use my old Citadel Runequest models and haven't found rules other than Song of Blades and Heroes that quite do it for me. Something may happen with these during the coming year, depending how other projects go... or whether I find my dream rules written by someone else?

7. The Pikeman's Lament (pike and shot big skirmish for Osprey) is due for release in January 2017, so myself and co-author Dalauppror are finishing up on playtesting and putting together our photos at the moment.

Phew! I think that's all, but from time to time a new idea (or one currently in the back burner) comes up to bite me, so it could all change. Anyway, let's just say I'm fairly busy.

And should you know any game publishers who you think might be interested in numbers 4, 5, and 6… point them in my direction please!