Saturday, 2 January 2016

Reviews and news to kick the New Year into gear

Well, not just reviews or news, but that sounds nicer in the heading, eh?

I came across this positive review of Lion Rampant: Talk Wargaming.

Although not quite a review, Hobgoblin wrote up his first after action report using Dragon Rampant here: Lead Adventure Forum. There's some other good stuff about both Lion and Dragon Rampant on this friendly forum.

And the latest issue of Wargames Soldiers & Strategy (82, Jan/Feb 2016) reviews Dragon Rampant positively:

I enjoyed this book immensely and found myself smiling just reading it… it will 
take you back to earlier fantasy wargames that you loved and enjoyed


Also in this issue, you'll find a Bronze Age variant of Lion Rampant, and another of Dalauppror's articles which includes info on using Lion Rampant for his on-going teaching of Scandinavian history to the rest of us!

And then - not a review but an after action report - from Ralph who has been trying out the draft rules of The Pikeman's Lament (upcoming pike & shot rules): Ralph's Little World.

I hope some of these links are of interest!