Tuesday, 23 February 2016

A new army for The Pikeman's Lament

Reynolds' pikemen (obviously!)
As the manuscript for The Pikeman's Lament is being finalised to send over to Osprey, ready for publication in January 2017, by way of celebration/relief, I thought I'd share some photos of a new army I've had painted by Matt Slade (Glenbrook Games).
Half of the 'shot' in Reynolds' regiment

These are 28mm Front Rank models, and Matt has done a superb job - as always. Use him - he's good! Photos are also by Matt.

This Company of soldiers feature in the rulebook - these are Reynolds' Foote, my fictitious regiment of the English Restoration period, ably supported by Major Black's Dragoons and the North Middlesex Horse (both fictitious too!).

Captain Reynolds himself, with drummer
and polecat mascot
Major Black's Dragoons

Half of the North Middlesex Horse