Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Boardgame news

A short while ago, I listed all of my own projects currently under way. The good news, for me at least, is that both the abstract game and my tank game are now under contract. This isn't as a direct result of the blog post - I don't hold such sway - but I'm just really pleased that I've been able to attract enough interest to be signed up to make some 'proper' games... you know, ones that come in boxes and have a board and playing pieces. Both are lightweight and easy to learn, but also great fun (according to me!).

I can't share further details just yet, beyond my previous note that one game is tank based and the other is an abstract game, but once things are moving ahead you will be reading plenty more. And let's not forget that there's another boardgame I've got coming out later this year, too.

I've also not forgotten that I said if the abstract game gets made, that I might call it a day on game design as I'll have hit my peak. Let's see what happens...!