Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Dragon Rampant: Arthurian British Warband

Well, following on from the MacBeth warband, I suppose it was inevitable that I'd reveal my Arthurian Dragon Rampant army at some point. These have been fairly successful for me, which makes a change!

My army is entirely Footsore Miniatures (purchased back when they were known as Musketeer), and doubles up as a reasonably historical early Post-Roman British Lion Rampant retinue. I have a unit of Fierce Foot Saxons that can be drafted in instead of the Wizardling and Fear, should I want to keep things a little more historical.

(I'd probably also drop the Arthur reference if I was keeping things historical…shhhh!)

The Host of Logres Warband
  • Ambrosius, Merlin & Comitatus: Elite Foot  + Wizardling (Banish Fear, Befuddle Thee, Dragon's Breath)  @ 8 pts
  • Arthur & Heavy Riders  + Fear @ 6 pts
  • Heavy Riders @ 4 pts
  • Heavy Foot @ 4 pts
  • Light Foot + Javelins + Fearful @ 2 pts (or Scouts)

I've chosen to represent Merlin as a Wizardling, which may raise a few eyebrows, just like those Witches in MacBeth's warband. But, in classic Arthurian lore, he does not stand on battlefields throwing thunderbolts this way and this. Instead, he more commonly seems to have a psychological effect, and I think the three spells chosen for him pretty much cover that. And if you've seen Excalibur, you'll understand why he MUST have dragon's breath! This also makes him different to the typical Gandalf-alike beloved of gamers.

Ambrosius is the Warband's Leader, but Arthur is the pin up boy, flouncing around on a pretty horse. An option for Arthur is to replace Fear with Blessed Weapon, representing his rather handy sword Caliburn.

Elite and Heavy foot are armoured, where as Light foot with javelins fulfil the role of skirmishers, without actually being as effective as scouts. They're not natural fighters, so are fearful; they may be replaced by a Scout unit sometimes, depending on how I'm feeling.