Monday, 1 February 2016

Dragon Rampant: MacBeth's Scots

Here's a warband I've been running recently, with my usual mixed results!

The mix of heavy infantry and light skirmish troops makes it a tough warband to run effectively, but when it does, it feels great!

It's based on the Shakespearian interpretation of King MacBeth of Scotland, and I put it together to maximise the use of my Claymore Castings Islesmen.

Here's a very old article I wrote about Macbeth.

And here's the warband:

“By the pricking of my thumbs, 
Something wicked this way comes.”

MacBeth, Lady MacBeth, the Witches and a cauldron @ 8 points
Elite Foot, Fear (from the witches - no spells though!), Leader (6 models)

Assassins @ 5 points
Scouts, Venomous (6 models) 

Scottish Thanes @ 4 points
Heavy Foot (12 models) 

Scottish Warriors @ 3 points
Light Foot (12 models)

2 x Archers @ 2 points each
Scouts (6 models in each)

Now hang on, I hear you say, witches without spells! What sort of fantasy game is this?!! Well, the way I see it, in the play, the witches seem to be more seers than true wizards; they unsettle characters and tell of the future and past, rather than firing lightning bolts all over the shop (or shoppe, if ye prefer). Therefore, Fear seems to adequately represent this.