Tuesday, 29 March 2016

My Knights of the Round Table book

I'm really proud of this book, that published back at the start of 2015, but the Osprey Adventures series that it is part of doesn't seem to have found much love, or perhaps more correctly, the right niche audience just yet. And it's not a series that Osprey have pushed that much in terms of advertising.

So I thought I'd give it a little shout out on my blog, for those readers who don't know it exists.

The clunky acronymed TKOTRT includes ten stories about knights who served at Arthur's Round Table; some are well known characters, other less so.

Most versions of the Round Table tales you'll read are either sanitised versions for kids, or reworkings that veer away from the original stories (which themselves are mostly written as academic translations rather than stories for the sake of storytelling). I tried to hit a spot in-between - a close retelling of the original story but written in modern prose for adults.

Here are a few sample grabs from the book, if you like the look of this then please buy a copy!