Friday, 25 March 2016

The Men Who Would be Kings army sizes and unit sizes

I have posted this info before, but judging by the number of people who have asked me about this in the past month or two, I'm guessing no-one looks back through older posts. 

You bad, bad children!

Anyway, geniality being my middle name (I think that's what people call me?), here is the full SP once again:

Recommended points values

It is possible to play The Men Who Would Be Kings with whatever models you have to hand, but I suggest using the points costs as shown below. 

The standard points value for a Field Force is 24 points. Sample 24 point Field Forces are shown towards the end of the book, but the basic units cost:

  • Regular units: 6 points per unit.
  •  Irregular units: 4 points per unit.
  • Tribal units: 3 points per unit.
  • Crewed weapons: 4 or 6 points per weapon.

I'm sure most colonial players will be able to work out the likely differences between Regular, Irregular, and Tribal, but bear in mind I suggest fielding tribesmen who are good shots (e.g., Pathans) as Irregular infantry rather than Tribal, and reserving the latter for proper spear/sword/shield types.

Forces can be adjusted by upgrading or downgrading some unit abilities as explained in the full rules; however, you cannot keep downgrading a unit to cost less than 2 points, or upgrading above 9 points.

Recommended unit sizes

My suggested unit sizes are as follows, although you can adjust them as you wish (which will impact on points values):
  • Regular and Irregular infantry: 12 models per unit.
  • Regular and Irregular cavalry: 8 models per unit.
  • Tribal infantry: 16 models per unit.
  • Tribal cavalry: 10 models per unit.
  • Crewed weapons: 1 gun plus 4 crew models.
Each unit begins the game with one model representing its Leader.