Wednesday, 4 May 2016

A little bit of love for... Song of Arthur & Merlin

Back in 2008, I wrote an Arthurian supplement for the superb Song of Blades and Heroes skirmish game (by Ganesha Games). Later, it was republished as a complete game in its own right, as a standalone with all the necessary rules included. 

It's called Song of Arthur & Merlin (SAM for short).

I've not written much about it in the past few years as I've been working on other games, but I happened to pick up the rulebook over the weekend to check something (I've been rebasing some models and realised I had a decent SAM warband's-worth of them) and realised how proud I am of this little book I worked on, not least because it was voted 'Best Fantasy Ruleset of 2011' on The Miniatures Page (2011 was the year the standalone game emerged). 

That's a bit of a boast, of course, but I feel I can do that as the original system wasn't created by me. I just added some flavour for a setting I love.

SAM offers up three versions of Arthurian skirmish wargaming: the 'knights in armour' Hollywood version; a 'Welsh legend' version based on medieval tales and a healthy dose of more modern stories; and a 'historical' version, stripped down to warriors and leaders, with the fancy deeds of legend replaced with a brutal death for weak warriors. 

SAM is available on Amazon as a printed book, but also direct from Ganesha Games:

I also published a few short vignettes for the game, that can be used to spice up scenarios; they can be viewed here:

Anyway, I thought I'd just show my 8 year old game a little bit of love by mentioning it today. Please go and buy yourself a copy if it sounds of interest to you!