Friday, 20 May 2016

Show me your Desert War kit!

Remember a week ago, I posted about my Imperial Rome wargaming book for Pen & Sword? Well, now it's World War Two that I'm recruiting for...

My new wargaming books for Pen & Sword have a section of colour plates in them, and I'm looking for some great photos of WW2 Desert War models and armies (anything from 1940 up to 1943), for my book on that campaign.

Maybe you can help me to put together a superb selection of images, to inspire others to take part in our hobby, or remind gamers why this is such a fine period to play?

If you have a nicely painted army or individual models for any of the main nations, and fancy submitting some photos for possible inclusion in my book, please drop me a line. They don't need to be masterpieces - just nicely painted to a decent wargaming standard and photographed well.

If the publisher uses your photos, you'll receive a credit line in the book, and I will send you a complimentary copy by way of thanks.

Get in touch!