Monday, 6 June 2016

Arrowstorm at Games Expo, June 2016

Well I had a great but exhausting time at Games Expo, demoing my two new boardgames.

First up, here are a few shots of the Arrowstorm demos. There's no start date for PSC's Kickstarter yet, but I'm told 'late summer' is most likely. I'll keep you posted via my blog.

The battle I was demoing was Agincourt, not least because most people who came by were broadly familiar with it.

I got a really positive response from everyone who spent 5-10 minutes finding out more about the game, although by the end of each day I was pretty hoarse shouting over the general hubbub of NEC's Hall 1.

More than anything, this is to give you a few tasters of what the final product will be like. The figures used, board, order chart, and so on are all from my prototype for playtesting - they're NOT the final versions. I do believe that the board is shown at the correct size though, and the figures - I hope - are eventually going to be 1/72 like you can see in the photos. Figures used here are Zvezda, PSC will of course be making their own when the game is produced.

A few people who came up knew that I'd written Lion and/or Dragon Rampant; after the event I realised that most likely means they read this blog, so a belated 'hello' to you and thanks for popping by. Everyone at this event was so friendly and positive about my games and the hobby in general - what a great example the visitors set!