Thursday, 9 June 2016

Battle Ravens at Games Expo, June 2016

As I mentioned in the previous post, about Arrowstorm's demo at Games Expo, everyone seemed pretty positive about my games. That was a relief!

Battle Ravens is an abstract boardgame about Viking Era shieldwall warfare, and my demo version reflects the abstract/traditional design origin of the game.  I decided to avoid using miniatures in the public demo - even though my Gripping Beast and Saxon Miniatures 28mm forces have been used in the playtesting and development of the game.

The final version is going to have some great Viking themed playing pieces and an impressive board (I hope, on both counts!), so I was aware when I put this demo version out at the Games Expo stand it was going to lack the necessary Oomph. But I wanted to put it on show nonetheless, as I'm VERY proud of this game.

PSC Games don't yet have any promo materials for it, so Battle Ravens was rather anonymous and only the curious ventured forth to find out more. I only had the game out for part of Saturday afternoon but still picked up some interest, which was good.

I'm not yet sure when this one will go to Kickstarter - PSC Games have the final version from me, so I'm just waiting for them to press the 'fire' button.