Saturday, 25 June 2016

Newly painted Ral Partha colonials (in true 25mm)

I'm building up to the release of my new colonial rules (The Men Who Would Be Kings - but you probably knew that if you're reading my blog) by finally getting the remainder of my Ral Partha colonial collection painted up.

These are great little figures, rather dwarfed by modern '25/28mm/ standards, but they're what I saw when I started gaming and for that reason they've always looked to be the 'best' in my eyes.

The time came to admit that I am crap at painting these smaller, delicately sculpted models, so instead of staring at the remaining unpainted packs, I sent them over to Matt at Glenbrook Games, who as usual has made me a happy man with the paint job.

These are the first few units - Regular Infantry in TMWWBK for the redcoats and Irregular Infantry (or Mounted Irregular Infantry ) for the Boers. Various other units are still to come!