Sunday, 17 July 2016

Dragon Rampant for Lord of the Rings

I occasionally pop by the Lead Adventure Forum; it's one of the less abusive forums about gaming, so I generally feel safe(ish) there. Generally.

Anyhow, I read a fantastic thread on defining Lord of the Rings armies for Dragon Rampant. The level of research, knowledge, and thoughtfulness of troop types is exactly what I hoped gamers would bring to my fantasy rules - pretty much a historical approach, rather than regurgitating the standard fantasy tropes. It's grand to see (and read).

I've not chimed in as I'm well out of my league discussing Tolkien in this level of detail, but I'm certainly learning thing or two about his wider fantasy world by reading it.

One point I would make is that players shouldn't get too caught up on the recommended maximum points values if they have a clear idea of what they're trying to represent, and doing so sensibly. Really, the maximum (and minimum) points costs are there in an attempt to safeguard you against That Kind Of Player who fields a Massive Firebreathing Iceclaw Blood Death Dragon With 6 Wings, Acolyte Baby Dragon, and A Hand Grenade Of Instant Doom. (Now I've said that, someone is bound to work out the points value...)

Anyhow, as it is such a good debate over at LAF, I thought I'd link to it HERE.

Nice one LAFers, nice one.