Saturday, 16 July 2016

Tanks! The World War Two Skirmish Game - a light hearted box of fun

A photo of the starter box models from the FoW website.
I picked up the (fairly) new Tanks game a little while ago and have really been enjoying it. It's no great simulation of WW2 tank combat - in fact it's a pretty bad simulation - but as a game and as inspiration for building and painting up a few new tank models, I don't think it can be faulted.

There are plenty of comparisons to X-Wing, in terms of force building and buying special equipment and heroes to find the optimal force. However, for me, it's really caught my imagination in the way that Battletech did back in the day.

Sure, it's not such a complex game - which is fine by me - but the conundrum of firepower, movement, and armour is similar in both games.

If I wanted a better simulation of tank warfare I'd head elsewhere, and of course I'm developing my own armoured battle game, but taking the game at face value as a fun game that happens to use WW2 tanks, I think its great.

Of course, there are several po-faced reviews out there, seemingly disgusted by the idea that gamers can have fun rather than studying tank warfare for 3 years before playing a game. But you know what I say to that...

...And I say the same to the gamers at the opposite end of the spectrum, who are already picking out loopholes in the rules to exploit. 'The rules don't say you can't move sideways', my eye: the tracks tell a different story don't you think?!?

Each to their own, but I'm in my element. Pass me another Sherman V, my last one has a hole in it.